Driving Consensus in Sales Deals Doesn’t Mean Everyone Agrees

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argument-twitterAt CONSENSUS™, we’re all about helping your customers reach alignment, consensus, and agreement. In today’s sales demo culture, it’s imperative to identify and equip the mobilizers who work for your potential customers with the information and tools they need to get consensus among the 5.4 stakeholders who make up their buying group. But does reaching consensus mean achieving total agreement?

Recently, we came across a post by Anthony Iannarino, a prolific thought leader in sales circles. The post confirms many best practices when it comes to building consensus. He writes that there are five factors in driving consensus: authority, economic buyers, sponsors/supporters/coaches, buy in, and strategic. Getting agreement relies on the sales person navigating these through these five areas with some precision. Iannarino outlines his ideas on how to do this and closes with a key point:

“Deal with obstacles: Consensus doesn’t mean everyone agrees. It means [to] agree to move forward without disrupting the implementation or execution because they know it’s what’s best for the company. You can’t deal with these obstacles alone. The [coaching] team you are building inside your client’s company can exercise their influence to get your obstacles to stand down. But you help them by taking the obstacle objections seriously and doing all you can to mitigate any problems.”

You can read the full post here. It’s worth the read.

At CONSENSUS we help streamline the consensus challenge by providing you with an automated sales demo that combines interactive video personalization with demo analytics. Our intelligent automated demos tell your company story uniquely to each member of the buying group, track who watches, what’s important to them, and who they shared it with. These personalized video sales demos have reduced sales cycles and increased close rates for companies such as HP, Microsoft, Infusionsoft, and more. To learn how click Watch Demo below.

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.