Effective B2B Sales Tip: Add Value From the First Email


Want an effective B2B sales tip? Let’s start with prospecting emails.

We can all agree that sales prospecting emails have gotten a little absurd.

From the guilt trip approach to the sad attempts at humor (“Have you been eaten by a crocodile?”), yes, B2B sales emails have gotten weird. We can live with weird. What we can’t tolerate is annoying, incompetent, and a complete disregard for the basics of human communication.

The end result of which can only turn out bad for sales organizations. Right when salespeople should be making a good first impression, they’re sticking their feet in their mouths in spectacularly bad fashion.

Embarrassment aside, there are greater things at stake when sales folk send out careless, poorly formulated prospecting emails. In his recent post, “Who is telling sales reps this is a good idea?!” (great title, btw), Matt Heinz hits on what’s really at stake here:

“Honestly, I have no problem with sales reps who are proactive, who work hard to get the deal or conversation. But if you ask for a meeting without telling me what’s in it for me, the answer is no. If you expect me to read and engage with every email I receive (especially those that prioritize your needs, not mine), you’re fooling yourself…And I have yet to find a scenario where making me feel bad for not responding is a path to building trust, credibility, respect and conversion.”

It’s that last part that is most insightful. Bad prospecting emails are bad because they miss the opportunity to begin building trust with the buyer. Whether it’s using the wrong company name in the email or straight-out accusing the prospect of avoiding you (of course, they are), bad B2B sales emails instantly create an environment in which trust, credibility, respect, and conversion will never happen.

You’ll likely never even make it far enough to actually talk to them.

How can sales teams recuperate from email stupidity? Start focusing on adding value from the very beginning. Instead of treating prospecting emails like everyone’s chance to throw spaghetti at the wall, the best and brightest in sales and marketing should meet to talk about infusing the most valuable content into these emails. Content that will have prospects gladly responding to your email because you’ve provided real value and they want more.

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