Consensus Recognized as Sales Enablement “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

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Sandy, Utah – May 28, 2019 Consensus, the leader in interactive demo automation software for B2B sales, was selected by Gartner as one of three vendors recognized as a “Cool Vendor” in the Sales Enablement category.

>> DOWNLOAD: If you are a Gartner customer you can download the full report here.

“Providing demonstrations at scale can become an expensive, time-intensive challenge for many providers,” says Michele Buckley, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner. “Consensus provides a platform to automate and personalize technology demonstrations at scale, which is a major need for technology vendors today.”

Research by Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo! suggests that nearly 50% of all software demonstrations given during the sales process are “wasted” because they are premature.

“Software vendors often attempt to use an ‘overview’ demo to start a dialog with a customer – and may try to use these to do Discovery along the way.  If you ask presales managers how many of these ‘overview’ demos actually lead to a qualified prospect, the answer can be painfully low,” says Cohan.

Consensus’ interactive demo automation platform personalizes product videos and documents in response to questions so each stakeholder in the buying group automatically learns about the product in a way that is more relevant to them. Consensus tracks engagement with these demos to help sales teams understand what matters most to prospects.  This allows each sales engineer to effectively serve more prospects and brings those prospects to live demos better educated and ready to talk specifics.

According to the Gartner research note, “Scalable, automated and interactive demos provide an important cost- and time-effective way to satisfy customer interest regardless of the qualification or status of a lead or opportunity.”

To help sales teams recognize how they are over burdening the sales engineers, Consensus has begun preaching the idea of a Demo Qualified Lead, or DQL.

“Sales teams too often request precious resources from the presales team without qualifying the prospect effectively,” says Garin Hess, Consensus Founder and CEO. “We hear about marketing qualified leads, and sales accepted leads, but what about the gate to the presales team? There should be a Demo Qualified Lead stage. In other words, when the buyer is truly ready to engage with presales.”

One sales team at Oracle refuses to request a presales resource until the prospect has engaged with an automated demo and shared it with at least one other person.

“If the prospect won’t even open it or share it, how real is that meeting going to be?” said one Oracle sales leader. “Send her a Consensus demo and let’s see how real she is.”

Some of Consensus’ notable customers include Oracle, ADP, Autodesk, SAP, OpenText, LogMeIn, Sage, and HPE.

“Our customers have been telling us we have something special,” says Hess. “But it’s fantastic to be recognized by one of the world’s leading analyst firms.”

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About Consensus

Consensus, interactive demo automation software, helps presales scale by making it easy for sales engineers to create interactive demos that the sales team can send out on-demand. Each demo automatically changes for each viewer in response to questions so that they learn about your solution in a way that is more relevant to them.  This allows presales teams to serve more prospects and brings those prospects to live demos better educated. Our clients are increasing close rates by 27% while reducing live demo requests from sales by 30%.

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