How Sales Can Keep Feeding Buyers Content and Keep It Relevant

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Garin Hess

In sales, half the battle is keeping your buyer engaged until they can make the decision and get the approval to say ‘yes’. This usually translates into salespeople sending them a steady diet of content – product demo videos, ebooks, whitepapers, etc. Multiply this process by the prospects you’re cultivating and this can turn into a very time-consuming process.

qIn his recent article, “The 4-Step Social Selling Routine,” on the InsideSales blog, Jamie Shanks observed:

“[C]ontent influences the sales process throughout the sales cycle. So as a sales professional, it’s critical that you’re constantly finding great insights to educate your buyer — replacing reading your email with reading articles you think help that buyer shape their journey. This means that for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you’re reading blogs, watching videos, and studying infographics that you think would be helpful for your buyer, and would help them move forward in their business — and along their buying journey.”

And then there’s the matter of relevance. You can shower your prospects with content, but if it doesn’t answer their individual questions, you’re just clogging up their inboxes and making yourself a nuisance.

The best sales enablement solutions right now are taking this last concern into account, often by allowing prospects to identify the questions that are more critical for them and then serving up content—like demo videos—that answers those questions.

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