How To Generate Qualified Webinar Leads with Demo Automation

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This How-To Consensus blog is part of the Marketing-Lead Generation / Product Education / Lead Qualification Use Case

By Brian Zurcher and Hilary Bird, @goconsensus

Qualify Webinar Leads Before the Webinar Starts:

What if you could give your webinar leads a way to further qualify themselves – before the webinar had even happened? This would allow your sales team to direct all of their immediate efforts on following up with the hottest webinar leads; not wasting time sifting through duds.

Our integration with webinar services (i.e. GoToWebinar) allows you to automatically send unique, personalized demo links to prospects within seconds of them registering for your webinar. They can view your demo by clicking on their unique demo link, and learn about your solution days before the webinar. They’ve already opted in to learn from your company (by registering for your webinar), now help them learn more about what problems your company is solving. On the back end, you’ll be notified by email the momentyour prospect starts watching your demo, and you’ll see exactly what features they chose to learn about, and how long they watched each video segment. So let’s look at exactly how to set this up…

How to Qualify Leads with Demo Automation:

  • The process of prospects registering will trigger an automated email to send – this email will have their unique demo link.
      • Don’t have the ability to generate mass unique demo links to include in emails? Zapier will allow you to integrate with Consensus and GoToWebinar (or whatever webinar platform you use, if possible).
        • You can create a Zapier rule that automatically sends the email with the demo link, after someone registers for the webinar.
        • Add the Consensus Zap by accepting our Zapier Invite
        • Use email messaging such as, “watching this demo will help give you a better idea of what we’re all about, and what the focus of this webinar will be”.
    • Track number of demo views from registrants and use the data to understand the primary interests of your Webinar viewers
    • Try A/B testing to see what performs better (the company demo, or demo of a webinar recording).

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