How We Used Video to Drive $44K From Our Unsubscribers

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As a marketing or sales professional, you’re aware of the power of email marketing for lead generation. Part of email marketing is unsubscribers; people opting out of email campaigns. Our marketing team’s thought was: can anything be done to salvage some of this traffic?  Is there anything we can do to get our solution in front of those who are unsubscribing, yet don’t understand that our solution could be the perfect fit for them?

A few months prior, we added a quick explainer video to our pricing page to better engage the traffic looking for pricing, and our conversion rate jumped to 13.43%!  (This was huge with industry average conversion rates hovering at just over 2%.) 

So, we added a humorous “break-up” video on the unsubscribe page, hoping to pique prospect’s interest, and drive our unsubscribers to give our demo video a chance.

It was a shot in the dark but the responses we got were extremely positive:

Simply because of the pure brilliance of your “opt out” video, I went through your demo…

I got an email.  I unsubscribed.  BRILLIANT way to make me convert.  I’m interested…

Best unsubscribe message I’ve ever seen or can imagine! … I won’t unsubscribe yet-it worked!

We were ecstatic with the responses, and after having the video up for a month, 1.9% of all visits to the unsubscribe page clicked on our demo.  Of those that clicked, 8.62% converted on the demo and became qualified leads.  Assuming the numbers hold, this would drive an additional $44,745.76 in annual revenue!

Almost 50K from prospects who are hoping to never hear from you again?  How could it be?

We all know that in today’s sales and marketing world, the existing outreach channels (email, social media, etc.) are terribly oversaturated with business jargon and “how to” articles.  

But this brings us to the power of video in the internet age.  As discussed, it’s important to assess places on your website, in your email cadences, or really anywhere along a prospect’s journey, where you can further engage the existing traffic.  Using descriptive, humorous, insightful video to snap the prospect out of the “sifting through garbage” mindset, and then redirecting them to your offering is a powerful way to drive awareness.  

Click here to download our unsubscribe campaign infographic

Once you determine where you have potential to further engage prospects, and hopefully salvage leads, seek to understand what the prospect is feeling or thinking at those moments.  Then with video, you can make minor adjustments along your already existing campaigns and marketing collateral.  It’s going to be a lot cheaper than a massive new marketing initiative, and is incredibly effective at reaching those prospects who otherwise would have slipped through the cracks.

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