Meet the Modern B2B Buyer(s)

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Shelley Cernal of Knowledge tree recently wrote about the “Modern B2B Buyer,” and 5 things salespeople need to know.

“The ever-evolving B2B selling space, increasingly complex sales process, and changing buyer expectations present new challenges for B2B sales teams on a daily basis. At the same time, traditional sales processes are becoming less effective. In order to remain competitive and hit revenue goals, it is critical that sales reps understand the shifting landscape, why these changes are happening, and how to sell to the modern B2B buyer.”

Think you’re selling one-on-one? The modern B2B buyer is actually buyer(s).

In her article, Shelley outlined the new decision-making process that involves as many as 7-20 stakeholders. They all have different roles, demographics and psychographics that influence their decision. All these variables make it incredibly challenging to influence them with one standard pitch.

Before the sale even begins, it’s critical to understand who these people are so you can tweak your messaging to each one’s needs and concerns.

To learn how Consensus helps buyers build consensus among large groups, click on the orange “Watch Demo” button below.

Read the source article at Sales Enablement Software

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