Navigating Decision Dynamics Along The Customer’s Journey


“Adaptive fluency is what makes the difference between good and great in these different situations: salespeople’s ability to quickly adjust their activities, behaviors, messages, and strategies when situations are new, changed, or becoming even more complex.” – Tamara Schenk, CSO Insights

Decision dynamics take hold when customers are entering the actual buying phase of their journey. At this point, there are many factors at play: how does each stakeholder in the buying group define value, in terms of implementing your solution? What are the risks each of them faces? What are each of their personal goals, and what goals are they striving to reach as a team, and an organization? As Tamara Schenk points out, “to be precise, a product-driven ROI of your product or solution is only the beginning of what’s needed. Also here, let’s really work with the customers at the core. And that means understanding their overall business case, and tailoring the proposed solution’s financial impact to the customer’s business case.”

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