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Intelligent Demo Automation Is NOW In Sales Engagement

The day has arrived! Intelligent Demo Automation has joined forces with Sales Engagement. The platform that scales Presales instantly now runs seamlessly on the platform that modernizes B2B engagement.

The Consensus plugin on amplifies B2B engagement using interactive video demos, which reps can access from, and upload directly into, Sequences, Templates, and Snippets. 

Consensus customers already get the value of instant scale through demo automation, organic stakeholder discovery, and intelligence around stakeholder behaviors and preferences. 

Now, every Outreach user can tap into that same value, enhancing the customer experience and allowing AEs, BDRs, SEs, and other members of your revenue team to continue selling between live interactions. 

Here are three things you need to know about finding and using the Consensus integration for

  1. Where do I find it?

Outreach users can find the Consensus integration in Outreach Galaxy here. Be sure to communicate with your internal Outreach admin if you need to get approval to install the plugin before you go to the Galaxy store. 

Once installed, you will see the Consensus icon appear in your instance of Outreach as you navigate into your email steps within Sequences, or within individual Templates and Snippets you wish to create or edit. 

  1. How do I use it?

Whether you wish to insert an automated demo into a Sequence, Template, or Snippet, you will follow the same basic process of accessing your content, selecting your demo, choosing settings, and inserting into the content. Let’s walk through that process together!

Let’s say you want to add a demo to a Sequence step. Once you navigate to the Sequence and choose the email step you wish to add your demo to, click the Consensus icon in the email. Once you click the icon, your demo library will appear where you can search for the demo you wish to insert.

Next, you will choose whether or not you want to include a personal intro video (PIV) to accompany your demo or to insert as is. 

Once you make your selection, you can choose your button stylings for the demo.

Now you’re ready to insert your demo, save your Sequence step, and begin sending interactive video demos at scale through your instance.

For additional help, see this support article on how to insert automated demos from your library into your Sequences, Templates, and Snippets. 

  1. What value does this bring to my team?

B2B buying and selling has become more complex over the last few years, and that complexity only intensifies as buying groups grow. 

It is important to involve key stakeholders early in the buying process so you can tailor your approach to meet their specific needs. This is where intelligent demo automation shines as part of sales acceleration with

Companies who use the powerful combination of Outreach and Consensus gain instant access to a library of presales-created interactive video demos directly from their Outreach instance.

This gives Sales and prospecting teams two great benefits: velocity and scale. Reps are empowered to sell more effectively by making personalized product demos available without interrupting their workflow. 

They also accelerate the speed of trust by giving customers a shareable asset that enables champions while helping the seller discover new stakeholders faster, and with insights into their priorities and pains, even before your first meeting. 

As buyers spend less than 17% of their entire buying time in direct contact with ALL vendors, this kind of automation gives sellers the ability to effectively continue selling between meetings. 

Read more about the Consensus plugin in the press release.

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.