Providing the Right Tools to Buyers at the Right Time: The Key to Proving Value


What makes a buyer agree to a sale at a higher price point, rather than digging for a discount?

While there would surely be untold numbers of factors at play in a decision like this, the role of providing the right information to the buyer and other stakeholders at the right time is certainly paramount.

In Tom Chamberlain‘s recent post on CSO Insights, “Discounting: Deal Saver or Runaway Train?,” Chamberlain talks about the difficulties that sales teams face in trying to defend their price points from discount-hungry buyers. But then he gives this insightful advice:

Having access to relevant customer case studies and ROI examples of other customers that have made similar investments is essential to defending price. Understanding and providing real life examples of the actual value of your solution in the context of the customers’ challenges is the keystone of supporting a solution’s price point. But a word of caution: timing is critical. Providing these value examples only at the end of negotiations can be a bit self-serving from the perspective of the customer. The strategy would be to sprinkle the success stories and ROI examples along the entire customer journey.”

Rather than simply pulling the discount level and giving up on increasing the buyer’s perception of value in your product, Chamberlain is recommending that sales teams put more focus on making content (case studies and ROI examples are mentioned) and other vital tools available to buyers at the right points in the sales process.

Of course, this implies that salespeople are armed with this content and other tools that take into consideration the needs of the buyer and his or her stakeholders at each stage of the sales process. But it also implies that the salesperson has the tools to get these tools and content into the buyer’s hands at the right moment.

As email is probably the most popular method of delivering these types of tools and content, the natural question then becomes: is email the best tool for getting this content into the hands of the buyer and stakeholders at those critical moments?

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