Reach the Global Market: Send Personalized Demos in a Prospect’s Native Tongue

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If you’ve ever traveled outside the United States, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a new culture, language, and people. If you’re like me, you probably went shopping for souvenirs at the local artisan markets. The exchange at a local market is not much different than the exchange you might experience on a sales call. You are the prospect and are in search of that special something to take home with you, and the artists are salesmen and women who are in search of that prospect to take that great deal they’ve got to offer.

The Power of Selling in a Prospect’s Native Tongue

I found a blue over-the-shoulder bag I absolutely loved while I traveled in Puebla, Mexico. This market was popular with tourists, and a common place to barter. The artisans spoke both English and Spanish, and were ready to convince me to take that blue bag home at their price. I had a choice to begin negotiations for this bag in either English or Spanish. I knew that the choice I made would determine more than the final price of this bag.

If I spoke English with these artisans who natively spoke Spanish, they might assume I don’t speak Spanish. Depending on how fluent they are with English we could have a complete communication disaster. They’d assume I’m here to take advantage of their lower prices, and I might assume they are taking advantage of the exchange rate between dollars and pesos. With the history and weight behind both languages, choosing to speak English could make the artisan distrustful of me, and we’d both experience the kind of sales exchange that nobody looks forward to.

If I spoke Spanish with these artisans, the stress of a communication breakdown disappears. They will welcome the ability to clearly express the value of the item they are selling and not worry that I will misunderstand. Speaking their native language becomes the most effective tool for them to feel I paid a fair price for the bag I love. It also is effective at making me appreciate the work, value and experience that went into making such an amazing bag. I get what I want, and they get what they want, and we both walk away from the exchange with a much better taste in our mouths. We are both active participants in the exchange, and we both leave happy.

Using Sales Demo Videos in a Prospect’s Native Tongue

The power of leveraging language in sales is something we understand at Consensus. With our demo player localized into several languages we enable you to reach your prospects in the language they are most comfortable in. You can reach prospects in different parts of the global market and build those relationships of trust that lead to more sales. The risk of communication breakdown is less, and you now have room to grow those relationships and close those deals.

With Consensus you can give your prospects a truly personalized experience by reaching out to them in their native language. Our demo creation platform makes it easy to set the correct language settings, as well as create content in that respective language.

The languages we support are: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Czech, with Italian coming soon. Simply select the language you’d like to use in Step 1 of our demo creation Wizard.

With our Consensus Studio recorder you can create your own content in the corresponding language and upload that directly to the platform. Start reaching that global market using Consensus and drive agreement in more than one language. Make your prospects proud to own that beautiful blue bag they fell madly in love with.

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