Sales Enablement: Empowerment of Modern Businesses

Sales Enablement Empowerment of Modern Businesses

Sales enablement has become an essential category of technologies and thought leadership. Perceptions about what it is and what it means are still pretty varied. Some see it as a trend, connected to creating as much content as possible so a wider range of audiences perk up. Others view it as an internal strategy that focuses on developing the sales and marketing teams.

Although it is a hot topic among many who work in sales, there is some confusion with what it actually is. This is because people use the term ‘Sales Enablement’ in a broad manner.

Those who know how to use it are empowering their organizations to become as efficient as they possibly can be.

The Fundamentals of Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a relatively new term in the global sales industry. Different companies view it in a different way, but its end goal remains to be similar among them all- to boost the sales of your company.

A. Why Should You Use Sales Enablement?

The sales industry today is completely different from what it was many years ago. The sellers almost never have the power to facilitate sales because of the power of the internet. The global market has shifted long ago into a more customer-centric angle.

The buyers have all the power. Gone are the days when you need to inquire about every little purchase that you do. All the information buyers need is easily obtainable through the internet.

Sellers now find themselves reaching out to find customers. This is where sales enablement comes in. Practicing sales enablement will empower your business with information that you will be able to utilize in your sales and marketing efforts.

Using it will increase the efficiency and numbers of your business depending on how well you do the process. It can also increase the effectiveness of your employees and your whole business model.

B. What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is one of those newer terminologies that has no globally accepted definition. It is in a state where it is utilized by most companies in different ways specific to them.

The most accepted and well-known out of the many definitions states is- Getting the right information into the hands of the right sellers at the right time presented in the right format to move sales opportunities forward.

Training your sales employees to be able to identify the correct way of selling your service, all the while considering what media best fits the process is one of the fundamental aspects of sales enablement. Pair that with the creation of quality content and in-depth knowledge of your customers, and your company will benefit greatly from this matter.

Simply put, sales enablement is the process of providing the organization with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively. It is a collection of strategies, and techniques that help the seller engage the buyer throughout their buyer journey.

The most common way of sales enablement includes providing the salespeople with the information they can use in their sales cycle. This information comes in different shapes and forms. The most commonly used are customer-centric content and tailor fit sales practices.

C. How Can You Efficiently Do Sales Enablement?

The most efficient way to do sales enablement starts with understanding your audience. In this customer-centric market, it is the sellers who need to adapt to the buyers. Knowing your buyers is key to creating a successful sales enablement strategy.

Research heavily on your target audience’s habits, behaviors, needs, wants, basically anything and everything that you may find useful to integrate into your sales cycle. This knowledge will be the basis of how you will train your salespeople to deal with that specific buyer persona- or an assumption of who your buyers are based on relevant facts and research.

With this information, you can create content that targets the buyers that you choose. The content that you create is one of the biggest factors in attracting your buyers. Make sure that the content you create is of the highest quality and helpfulness, in order to appeal to buyers.

Lastly, sales enablement is a continuous cycle. It will continue to iterate and change after its first initialization. To continually be efficient in your sales enablement process, you should be prepared to adjust and adapt to the trends and problems that you encounter.

The Importance of Sales Enablement

It is safe to assume that sales enablement has become a rather staple process in most of the sales industry. This is because of how many benefits it provides. Without sales enablement, companies will have a hard time attracting their customers. Creating a large amount of content or being a sales representative that knows everything about your product is not enough anymore.

Sales enablement makes the lives of sales representatives easy. As mentioned earlier, knowing your buyer is one of the most crucial parts of this strategy. Knowing your buyer will make it easier for your salespeople to interact, respond and lead towards a transaction.

In a sense, the optimization of the sales procedure through sales enablement makes a lot of the other parts of your company work in a more efficient way as well. Since training and knowledge banking is a big part of the strategies, all of your employees will become highly skilled individuals that are equipped with the latest techniques for your industry.

The Best Practices for Sales Enablement

As wide as the sales enablement field is, there are practices that are commonly known to work in most of the companies that apply it. These practices may be tweaked differently, depending on how a company wants to do it, but most of the time it is fine the way it is. Here are some of the best practices in sales enablement

A. Define and Declare the Specific Objectives for Your Program

As stated, you should focus on helping your salespeople engage sales opportunities more effectively. To start, you can provide them with everything they need to know on how to properly engage and convert your buyers.

When providing this information, consider the specifics. You can choose to focus on giving detailed information about your product and services. It is also popular among companies to use their top-performing employees and share their ways to the whole company. And lastly, the overall development of sales skills by using the different kinds of media to enhance the way you present your product.

B. Empower your Buyers

The buying experience of your customers is one of the best fields to focus on when doing sales enablement. You must make sure that your salespeople understand who the buyer is and their journey to potentially buying your product.

It should also be important for you to plan out your processes and training based on this buying experience. Be sure to be ready to adjust and adapt to the trends that your target buyers follow.

C. Use Quality Content

Content is easily considered to be the multiplier of a modern business’ sales efforts. Things like blog posts, webinars, and ebooks allow salespeople to deliver valuable information to the buyers in an easy and scalable way. Most salespeople today prefer to use high-quality content in their sales process because it can do most of the talking for them.

You should make sure that the content you make is in line with the information you’ve collected on the buying process.

D. Facilitate Continuous Sales Training

As one of the major foundations of sales enablement, training is essential for all the salespeople to apply specified strategies and techniques in their sales cycle.

Most companies typically have sales training, however, they do so once a year.

Training should be done on a regular basis because the customer base is continually changing and adapting to the various trends that come up.

E. Utilize Sales Enablement Tools

There are other kinds of software that are made for the sole purpose of increasing the sales of a business. These are created to make parts of the sales process as easy as possible.

Most of these make some of the more tedious phases of the sales cycle as simple as clicking a button. These tools make it possible for all the efforts of the sales representatives to be focused on engaging the buyers.

There are tools that can measure customer engagement, and tools that monitor the success rates of your sales representatives. Chances are, there will be a sales enablement tool out there for most of the problems that you may come across.

F. Leverage What You Have

Sales enablement strategies are not a one-time thing. Even the best sales strategies can easily fail when not done correctly and consistently. Without proper monitoring, the chances of getting something wrong at the start is very high. Utilize the insights of your best employees, or if they have leadership qualities, make them lead your teams. Use the stockpiled research findings and analyze the trends. Update and improve your top performing content to keep up to date with what is relevant.

It is very critical to utilize everything they have. When used effectively, proper training, quality content, and many tools can boost your company’s sales.

Sales Enablement Through Sales Content Optimization

One of the facets of sales enablement is through content optimization. This is done by customizing your content to appeal to a specific buyer. Companies commonly have high-quality content on their website, however, these kinds of content may be made to cater to the public. Trying to appeal to all potential buyers can negatively affect your sales efforts because of how broad your customer base may become. Sales enablement recommends for you to focus on one type of buyer and focus all your efforts on appealing to them.

Once your sales content is customized for a particular buyer, you should now organize it based on what kind of media it is, and the level of information it provides.

Some of the many kinds of sales content include Customer case studies, whitepapers and e-books, pricing and discount information, competitive intelligence briefs, and product demos and SlideShare decks. Be sure to keep every piece of content in a content library so you can easily create improved versions of them when the global market trends change.

Some of the most critical aspects of sales content are customer case studies. This kind of content has the strongest appeal to potential buyers because it tells the success story of one of your previous customers. Testimonials about your product or services are some of the most useful content that will boost your sales enablement efforts.

In recent times, a lot of people prefer video instead of written content. Video content is easier to digest because it usually lays everything out for you. Since it is easier and more convenient for the buyer to view your content in video form instead of written form, many companies have switched their way of creating content, and for most of them, it has brought great benefits.

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