Sales Should Stop Chasing Titles and Focus on This Instead

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Garin Hess

Often in sales, we work hard to get contacts within an organization. We shoot for the title that is highest on the totem pole, thinking that their power will be enough to drive a sale to close. But is this the best way to approach the new buying group, where over five people (on average) have the power to veto a sale?

In John Ternieden’s recent Inside Sales post , in which he recapped on Brent Adamson’s (of The Challenger Customer fame) session at Sales Acceleration Summit 2016, he reminded his readers that there are seven major types of stakeholders in the buying group:

  • The Go-Getter

  • The Skeptic

  • The Friend

  • The Teacher

  • The Guide

  • The Climber

  • The Blocker

And only three of them are mobilizers.

In other words, salespeople should stop chasing titles. We can’t choose just any stakeholder and mold them into a mobilizer. But how to recognize those mobilizers?

Ternieden provides this simple test:

“Mobilizers are the ones who rally the troops. They’ve earned their nickname because they mobilize action and build consensus. Others on the list may be friendly and talk with you (except the blocker), but they won’t get anything done.”

This is a nice reminder to salespeople. In the brave new world of consensus sales and larger buying groups, we have to step out of the old paradigm of merely chasing titles and learn to see the true mobilizers, regardless of where they sit on the org chart.

So stop chasing titles and learn how Consensus helps mobilizers drive agreement across buying groups. Click on the orange “Watch Demo” button below.

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