The Challenger Model and Sales Enablement – Better Together


DSC_0025“We know that a key component of effective Challenger selling is process discipline, and the Sales Enablement platform, well, enables a big portion of the required discipline. It plays a strong role in finding the right stakeholder in the customer organization, helps engage them with disruptive insight, and equips them to effectively challenge their own organization.”

We agree with HighSpot – and on top of finding the right stakeholder in the customer organization, we believe in finding all the stakeholders that are involved in the purchase decision. As much as we want to think that purchasing decisions are solely decided top-down, CEB’s results revealed that this isn’t the case; what the top decision makers care about the most is making sure they’re choosing a solution that the rest of their team believes in – the result? Multiple decision makers.

Read the full article from HighSpot here.

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