The importance of demo videos in B2B sales and marketing

John Cook Director of Demand Gen | Consensus
John Cook

Why video rules in B2B sales (if you can pull it off)

Rishi Dave, Chief Marketing Officer at Dun and Bradstreet, says that B2B buyers’ expectations have changed over time. “They really expect a company to understand and know them, and know the main pain points that they’re trying to solve. When they interact with the company, they expect the company to have the backbone on them and be very targeted and personalized in how they interact with them.” In 2018, the best way to meet this expectation is through highly-targeted b2b sales videos, customized based on industries, segments, verticals and roles.

  • Video evokes emotions – which is a more important appeal than ration
  • Video is relatively inexpensive to produce; in fact, our research indicates that high (expensive) production value can even be a liability
  • Video provides prospects with an experience more immersive than any other medium (unless you ship Gears to your prospects)
  • Video allows for the interjection of humor into B2B sales
  • Video gives you the means to easily demonstrate the problem you solve
  • Video can easily look relatively great, lending credibility to your company
  • Video is undergoing rapid adoption; omitting it can immediately relegate you to an “also-ran”
  • Video can be used over and over (and over)
  • Video experiences higher engagement than any other medium

Far from perfect (?)

The downside is that success can be difficult to gauge. Number of views is pretty much all we get. But there’s so much more we’d like to know about what was effective and what wasn’t, exactly who watched, and what was most important to them.

And surely we’d need to make a ton of videos to get the required focus. Wouldn’t it be great if the video could somehow adapt to the viewer, so that it achieved laser focus and maximum relevance every time?

Enter Consensus.

One link. One demo. Infinite possibilities.