This is Your Brain on Sales Personalization

personalization and its effect on the brain

Wouldn’t it be great if every one of your outgoing sales calls was received with unbridled enthusiasm?

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According to Ron Karr, it’s time for salespeople to understand the science behind how buyers react to sales calls and make decisions.

Neuroscience teaches us that there are two chemicals in the brain that sales execs, entrepreneurs, and influencers need to be cognizant of: cortisol (known as the stress chemical) and dopamine (known as the feel-good chemical). When we make a sales call to a prospect, we are received as an inconvenience, an interruption in the day. Add to that the fact that prospects want to protect themselves from sales people trying to sell them things they don’t need.

Sales Personalization is the way to fight this battle and elicit positive attention from your prospects:

  1. Use technology to reach prospects on their terms. The Consensus automated demo platform is a non-confrontational way to inform the buyer about your solution without interrupting their schedule or feeling pressured by a salesperson. It learns about the buyer’s interests and pain points and assembles a personalized demo that assuages their stress and personal shields, as well as builds trust and elicits a positive dopamine-fueled response.
  2. Let them do the talking: Contrary, you’re actually more in control when you’re listening rather than talking. They feel understood, which reduces their cortisol levels and builds up a relationship established on openness and trust. Once they’ve let you know their position, you can personalize your in-person pitch exactly addressing the concerns they bring up.
  3. Help rather than sell: People don’t like to be sold to, but they appreciate being helped. Focus on the problem rather than pushing your product. By helping them accomplish their goals and resolve their problems, they’ll be left with a positive reaction.

When recognizing the need to 1. reduce stress and 2. help the customer “feel good” it’s clear that sales personalization is essential to driving the buying process.

Read the source article at Ron Karr, Karr Associates, Inc.

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