Unexpected Gems: Mining the 2021 Workload and Compensation Report

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You’ve read the 2021 SE Compensation and Workload Report. What did you learn? What did you miss? And what does it all mean for Presales moving forward?

The second annual SE Compensation and Workload Report by Consensus gave Presales leaders and practitioners in-depth insights into developing trends across the global technology industry. But what does it mean for Presales moving forward?

We’ve seen that Presales is in demand now more than ever, and that’s not about to change. What does need to change is the way we look at how Presales practitioners and leaders are hired, trained, enabled, and compensated. The SE Compensation and Workload Report highlights these crucial areas, but what about other developing trends that we did not see coming? More importantly, how can these insights help Presales leaders get the most out of their team and make the biggest impact on their business?

We asked a panel of Presales thought leaders to go over the report with fine-toothed comb to show us what trends and insights shocked them the most, and what Presales professionals need to be prepared for. Peter Cohan, Don Carmichael, John Care, and Chris White reveal these insights as part of our Scaling Presales webinar series.

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