Using “Intra-viral” Automated Demos to Discover and Engage the B2B Buying Group

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How can we leverage the concept of something “going viral” in B2B sales? Isn’t this usually a marketing thing? To close B2B sales faster, we need to discover and engage the buying groupmore quickly. To do this, create and send sales content to your key sponsor or champion and they naturally to share with other stakeholders in their buying group.

That’s what we call “intra-viral” content, meaning that it’s content that is “going viral” inside of an organization. In other words, we don’t care if the person we sent it to shares it with their grandma (that’s for cute cat videos), but we DO care that they share it with their CEO, their VP of Marketing, and so on — whoever the key stakeholders are in the buying group.

Example of Intra-viral Sales Content With Rapid “Just-in-Time” Demos

As an example, I recently had a key champion inside Oracle, an important prospect account, send me question about Demolytics® by email. I launched the Consensus Studio screen recorder and created a quick unscripted video demo answering his questions and sent it back to him just a few minutes later. He instantly shared it with 4 people on his team. They, in turn, after viewing it, began sharing it with others, and in the end, it was shared with 11 different stakeholders, some in the current buying group, and others in other areas of the organization. 8 of the 11 watched some or all of the rapid video demo that took me only a few minutes to create.

Here’s a view of the “Buying Group Dashboard” showing everyone it was shared with (with names blurred of course):

Intra-viral Sales Content With Rapid Just-in-Time Demos

As a group they watched 64 minutes of video content, and more importantly, we were spontaneously introduced to 10 additional stakeholders related to the current deal or expansion opportunities.

Example of Intra-viral Sales Content With Personalized Pre-built Demos

In another example, we sent our standard automated demo, which personalizes the demo experience to each stakeholder, to a champion inside SAP Success Factors, and he in turn shared the demo with a few others. As each stakeholder engaged, they would forward it on to someone else they thought might be interested in it. In the end it was shared with 14 different stakeholders with 9 of them engaging around the demo.

Here is a partial snapshot of the Demolytics from the BuyerBoard™ view. In this case, because we were sending an demo that personalizes itself based on responses to questions, we can see what is driving purchasing interest for each stakeholder and how that aligns (or doesn’t) across the group.

Intra-viral Sales Content With Personalized Pre-built Demos

Sending Intra-viral Demos Accelerates B2B Sales

You should use intra-viral demos at many different stages of the sales funnel, including right at the top of the funnel. What we’ve found studying our own account development data is that if a prospect engages with a Consensus demo and shares it with at least one other person before engaging with the BDR (Business Development Rep), they are 81% more likely to become a qualified opportunity.

“Going Viral” Isn’t Reserved Just for B2C

If marketing wants to raise brand awareness, going “viral” in the traditional sense is great, but it doesn’t necessarily help you close any specific deals. Sending “just in time” demos or pre-built crafted demos as “intra-viral” content during the sales process can really help you discover and engage each stakeholder in the buying group a lot more quickly as well as uncover new opportunities in other groups and divisions.

To learn more about how Consensus automatically creates a personalized experience for each stakeholder, and how you can build your own automated demos, personalize your own automated demo of Consensus right now.

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