What Information Do Buyers Want Most from Sales Teams? Demos Are #1

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When you are researching a new technology purchase, what do you want to see as quickly as possible? A demo. So does everyone else apparently. Recent research from Gartner shows that what buyers want most of all is a demo. IT buyers reported being likely to respond to a call to action to watch a demo 62% of the time. Non-IT buyers are surprisingly only a few percentage points below that at 54%. Both are higher than all other calls to action.

Source: Gartner research note titled “Tech Go-to-Market: 3 Disconnects Between Providers and Enterprise Customers That Delay Buying Decisions”

So what is the common recommendation to sales? Deflect requests for a demo until later. The problem is that buyers want the demos now. So how can you give them what they want without overwhelming them?

Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo! recommends giving them a “Vision Demo” which involves:

  • Starting with a menu of topics that they can choose from and ask them what is most important to them to cover
  • Lead out with an informal success story that begins with “Here’s how we helped similar heads of sales at…”
  • Then ask the question: “How does this compare with your situation?” This leads them into a self analysis and discovery conversation where they are talking about their own problems.
  • Follow up with, “You’ve asked for a demo, would you like an example of how another customer has solved the same problem that you’re addressing?”
  • After completing the second customer story, share a “demo” which is just screenshots of key parts of the application that you know they are interested in and talk about the main benefit that part of the application provides.
  • End with, “Is this the kind of thing that you have in mind?”
  • Then finally, “If you’re willing to answer some questions, we can put together a deeper tailored demo…”

Interestingly, automated micro demos with Consensus Demo Automation platform follow a very similar format and provide a lot of this discovery data as the platform tracks their answers to questions and engagement.

Interested in automated micro demos that can help with early discovery and bring your buyer to the conversation well prepped? Watch this Automated Micro Demo here.






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