What is the role of product demos in buyer enablement?

Role of Product Demo

A winning buyer enablement strategy will provide your sales team with the most effective tools to familiarize customers with your product quickly and comprehensively. Interactive product demos play a key role in that strategy. We asked business professionals to comment on some of the benefits of using product demos and here’s what they had to say:

Reece Kresser

Reece Kresser

Reece Kresser, Co-Founder of Zizi.

Great Way to Meet Buyers Where They Are

Product demos are a great way to meet buyers exactly where they are in the lifecycle of your business and help to energize buyers who aren’t looking to take any risks but want the benefits your product may be able to provide. In this way, product demos are essential for buyer enablement.

For example, buyers who aren’t interested in risks or sales pitches are often looking for more information than others, such as specific data and the freedom to compare their options. Offering a demo is a great way to provide them with this information while simultaneously proving that your product is worth the investment.

Not to mention, your organization’s willingness to give them as much information as possible often goes a long way. For these reasons, product demos are sometimes the difference between making a sale and losing one.

Sam Speller

Sam Speller

Sam Speller is the founder of Kenko Tea.

Allows Customers to Try the Product at No Cost

You can have the best product in the world. You can have customers that would love to buy your product if they knew how great it was. And you can still fail to reach your customers. This is because, without product demos, customers have to take a chance. They have to invest their own money in a product that might not turn out to be all that great.

The best way to overcome this problem is to use product demos. While they may be costly, yes, so is marketing. Using product demos shows your customers how much you believe in your product – how you can let it speak for itself. It also allows customers to try out the product at no cost, exposing many potential customers to your product.

Farzad Rashidi

Farzad Rashidi

Farzad Rashidi, Co-Founder of Respona.

Provides Buyers Opportunity to See and Experience Product

Product demos are a key component of buyer enablement because they provide buyers with the opportunity to see and experience a product firsthand.

Through product demos, buyers can see how products work and what their potential uses could be. This can help them make more informed purchasing decisions and determine whether a product is the right fit for their needs.

Product demos can also be helpful in terms of educating buyers about a product’s features and benefits. By seeing a product in action, buyers can better understand how it works and what it can do for them. This can be especially useful for complex products or products with multiple features.

Simon Hansen

Simon Hansen

Simon Hansen, Blogger at DanglishReviews.com.

Showcase Product Features, Demonstrate Value

Product demos play a huge role in buyer enablement because it allows customers and potential clients to see and learn more about the product or service that they’re purchasing. An effective product demo can showcase a product’s features, showcase its edge against its competitors, and properly demonstrate its value. The information that product demos provide gives buyers much-needed insight and enables them to make meaningful purchases.

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