Why B2B suppliers need to focus on selling from the buyer’s perspective

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Most B2B sellers have strict sales protocols set up for their products or services that they expect their salespeople will follow to the letter. However, these sales plans are often designed with maximum profit and optimal sales efforts for the seller in mind and are not typically designed around creating optimum buyer experiences.

As a result, there is often a disconnect between what a seller presents to a buyer, and what that buyer actually wants to see. This article will give B2B sellers useful information discerning how they can design sales plans and product demonstrations from the buyer’s perspective, jumping close rates and decreasing sales cycles for sellers.

Don’t waste time with old school sales if you want to be new school successful

In the current B2B landscape, buyers have more agency over the sales cycle than ever before. Buying groups have become noticeably larger, meaning that salespeople have to navigate between the interests of multiple stakeholders in order to drive agreement across buying groups.

Additionally, buyers uninterested in hearing biased sales pitches are now more likely to use the internet and social media to research products and services than they are to interface with salespeople in order to understand what a seller offers.

These factors have dramatically changed the way B2B sales work, and sellers need to adapt to these changes to succeed. The ticket to success? Well, according to the Harvard Business Review, it’s prescriptive sales.

B2B sellers that enforce prescriptive sales techniques – a sales strategy that revolves around using salespeople as non-biased, objective aids that are capable of providing objectively good advice to potential buyers – increased purchase ease for buyers by 86 percent.

Why is this important? Well, that same study indicated that suppliers that made purchasing decisions easy for buyers were 62 percent more likely to win high-quality sales. By adopting prescriptive selling techniques into your sales process, you’ll increase your brand’s reputation as a thought leader, encourage customer loyalty amongst your buyers, and drive up revenue for your business.

Don’t underestimate the power of interactive demos

If you really want to see success for your business, we suggest adapting prescriptive sales techniques to your product or service demonstrations. “How,” you ask? Simple. Interactive demos. The reason that prescriptive selling is so successful is that it directly addresses the needs of the buyer.

Prescriptive selling revolves around the salesperson giving the buyer objectively good information concerning purchasing decisions while simultaneously taking all the hassle of research off of the hands of the buyer.

In other words, it’s selling from the buyer’s perspective. And if your salespeople can do it, why can’t your demos? Having a demo that potential buyers can interact with shows buyers that you respect their time. It also shows them that you respect their money.

By providing potential buyers with interactive demos, you let them cut to the chase and demonstrate for themselves how your product or service meets their needs or serves their interests. There’s a reason so many companies are starting to provide interactive demos for their products and services.

Interactive demos identify your business as a cutting-edge operation that’s not afraid to let buyers see how your products or services work for themselves.

Take things one step further with automated interactive demos

If you’re interested in taking your interactive demos one step further, then automation is where it’s at.

For example, here at Consensus, we provide automated, interactive demos for our clients. The B2B sellers who work with us see a 44 percent jump in close rates and a 68 percent reduction in sales cycle duration on average.

Why? It’s simple. We conduct in-depth research on buying group stakeholders in order to understand their unique interests. Then, we provide our clients with automated, interactive demos for each stakeholder that are tailored to these interests.

When a stakeholder watches one of our personalized demos, they’re learning about a product or service in the manner most useful to them. They don’t have to spend hours and hours sifting through reviews or social media platforms to learn what they want to know about a product or service because we’ve already done so for them.

What buyers of our clients get is the end result of all that research in a concise, clear manner that’s respectful of their time and resources. Using automated, interactive demos as an extension of prescriptive selling on behalf of your salespeople is the easiest way to create a sales cycle centered around creating the optimal experience for potential buyers.

Doing so will allow your business to make gains in customer loyalty and satisfaction while simultaneously driving up revenue.

If you’re interested in increasing your close rates while simultaneously decreasing the length of your sales cycles, click here to learn more about what Consensus can do for you.

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