Why Marketing and Sales Need to Get Extra Cozy

Get extra cozy

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You see those marketing guys sitting across the room? You know, the team that sends you unqualified leads that you have to toil over to convert into closed sales? Well, it’s time to get cozy. Marketing and Sales have to learn not only to coexist but collaborate.

Why? Because buying group trends will force marketing and sales teams to work closer together more than ever before.

You have seen the recent business surveys. Prospects aren’t engaging Sales until 57% of the way through their buying process. This is long after most stakeholders have become entrenched in their positions on your product. You now have to rely on Marketing to deliver the right messages and win over stakeholders before you even know the prospect exists. The main way you will know who you’re dealing with and what they need before you even meet is through the data coming from Marketing.

Unfortunately, for the majority of marketing and sales teams, the degree of coordination and transparency this requires is, to be honest, out of reach. We struggle to share lead data on time. Harder still is all the data it takes to make a seamless, well-informed handoff from Marketing to Sales.

In his recent post, “Why Sales Pros Just Don’t See the Value of Educating Their Buyers,” Jamie Shanks talks about how this situation can and must change:

“[M]arketing needs to unlock Pandora’s Box. They need to provide the sales team with the tools and technology to be able to see in real time the content consumption story of their buyers. Sales needs to understand that there’s a direct relationship between them sharing content, leading to the buyer wanting to have a sales conversation.”

Numbers around digital downloads, page views, clicks—all of these forms what Shanks calls the buyer’s content consumption story, and it’s essential to helping Sales hit the ground running with that buyer.

To some degree, this is a silo problem, the tendency that departments have of hoarding data that could be invaluable to other departments. In this regard, Marketing can start making immediate progress simply by making the tools (such as demo creation platforms) that capture this data accessible to Sales. However, if your organization doesn’t yet have the sales automation software to capture this data in the first place, obtaining these tools has to be Job #1.

Finally, there has to be a mindset change between Marketing and Sales. The more integrated marketing and sales teams become, the more empowered they will be to maximize their leads. So get as close as you can with Marketing—and watch as the quality of your leads—and rates at which they close—increase.

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