Why Sales Needs to Let Technology Do the Legwork

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Sales teams place a lot of value in doing legwork.curata__eDPBt34rS46mkBX.jpeg

We value it to the point where, if we’re not spending a significant amount of time calling, emailing, and pinging prospects over social media, you’re not considered a legitimate salesperson.

While salespeople still need to be present, making calls and sending out emails to reach prospects, is it as true today?

A couple months ago, sales consultant and thought leader Colleen Francis published a video on the topic of increasing the number of deals a salesperson can manage at any given time. Among the many gems she provided was this:

“The deeper the conversations you can have over the phone, the less time you have to spend in the presentation, flying across the country, meeting people. Which means the more opportunities you can manage. So don’t forget to use technology to reduce your labor.

That last sentence should be jotted down on a sticky note and slapped on your planner, your smartphone, your monitor, whatever surface you spend the most time staring at throughout the day—because it represents Sales’ best chance at eliminating busywork and increasing their capacity.

Francis speaks of increasing the number of meetings you have with prospects over the phone to decrease the need for in-person visits, and this is a good start. But today’s technology is capable of so much more.

Sales needs to let technology do the legwork. For instance, you’re likely aware of solutions that automate the sending of nurture stream emails to buyers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology enabling salespeople to get more time to handle more buyers.

Today’s technology can provide personalized demos directly to prospects without a salesperson having to send a single email or lift their phone receiver. When done right, this technology prepares prospects so well—again, without any involvement from the salesperson—that when they get on the phone with a human salesperson, that conversation can go straight to product and contract minutiae, accelerating the pace at which they advance toward closing.

Oh, and with all that time salespeople aren’t spending trying to get their foot in the door with prospects, salespeople can have in-depth conversations with more buyers—the kind of work that only skilled, human salespeople can do.

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