Why Speed is the Name of the Game for Tech Sales Teams

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Garin Hess

Remember the days of long, comfortable sales cycles?

If you’re in the tech industry, chances are, it’s been a long time since you had one of those. What used to be a blue ocean opportunity for anyone with a brilliant idea has become a very crowded space.

“The Silicon Valley ecosystem has been altered into an ocean of sharks, minnows, unicorns and everything in between,” remarked InsideSales’ Carlos Torres recently. “In other words, competition in present-day Silicon Valley is fierce.”

Like a fish in a packed pond, this brave new world requires a new pace from sales teams.

Torres put it plainly: “If you want to feast in a digital ecosystem, your sales reps need to be able to provide quotes at breakneck speeds and talk to prospects faster than the other guys.”

Torres mentioned sales teams’ ability to produce quotes and the other documentation needed to close deals, and we would add to that the ability to provide relevant content in the moment that a lead contacts you.

Could it be that the hours (days?) it can take your sales guys to see a lead and set up a live demo with them is now just too slow in the hyper-competitive tech industry?

Could it be that sending over the wrong (i.e. irrelevant, non-targeted) content would make all the difference between a sale and another lost prospect?

In this environment, the answer to both questions is a sobering ‘yes’. Take too long and someone else will likely eat your lunch.

If sales teams are going to survive, their next question has to be: how can we respond to leads faster (preferably instantly) and make sure that the content they view catapults them to closing?

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