Why You Should be Using Video Demos at The Bottom of The Sales Funnel


time-and-money-twitterNothing beats the engagement rate of video in sales and marketing. According to a post on Singlegrain.com, studies show that 59% of senior executives prefer video over text (WeCapture), 75% of executives watch videos while working (Forbes), and 65% navigate over to a site after viewing a related YouTube video. If you’ve decided to allocate funds to video, you can see a nice ROI in many areas of Marketing, PR, and Sales Enablement.

The Content Marketing Institute recently gave some great insight on how to use video in each of these areas. One of them, Bottom of the Funnel, is one area we at Consensus highly recommend. More specifically, personalized video demos.

Many think of bottom-of-the-funnel activities as those related to product features, price, etc. But customers in the market for an expensive product or long-term service relationship are just as interested in the “who” as they are in the “what” or “how much.” When two providers are close on quality and price, perceived trustworthiness and commitment to service often are the deciding factors. Video is an excellent medium for communicating your values or simply putting a face on your company.”  Read the full article here.

For more information about using video effectively in your sales demo process, click Watch the Demo below.

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