You won’t believe the boost sales enablement content gives to these key metrics

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A recent article on caught our attention. It cited a study where sales enablement practitioners were asked what activities were included as part of their function. 90% of the respondents claimed “Identifying/implementing sales productivity tools” while 80% claimed “Making sure sales teams can find content” as part of their responsibilities.

Image of confident businessman with briefcase walking upstairsYou can see how important content becomes to moving deals through the sales funnel, not just finding new leads. A lead is like dating someone new. They feel great when someone pays attention to them at the beginning of a relationship, but if they start feeling ignored, you will get dumped. Like meaningful conversations in a relationship, content can help a lead progress and keep you from losing deals.

The article also references Aberdeen research. It shows that leading organizations are seeing results from using effective sales enablement tools, like sales demo videos. Results such as:

  • 99% overall team attainment of sales quota
  • 9% advantage in year-to-year revenue growth over average companies
  • 7.4% year over year growth in average deal size (ASP)

How have you seen content, especially video demo content, effectively engage your sales funnel?

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