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Who We Are

Consensus is a top place to work due to the incredible culture our employees have created. We strive to provide an opportunity to work with a great team with a compelling product with the objective that adding value in your work life fuels the rest of your life. We know that a winning company is built on the efforts of its people, and that’s an environment we foster at Consensus. We encourage every employee to bring their authentic self to work and take ownership of their position and their career. We strive to give our employees everything they need to make meaningful contributions to the overall success of our company. We’re looking for go-getters that are excited to thrive in a company going through an exciting growth phase!

Rex Galbraith
“The last 6+ years at Consensus has been the highlight of my business career. We win the right way. We don’t cut corners. Consensus is special to me because while I’ve grown so much as a business professional, I have grown more as a person. Our team truly cares about each other inside and outside of work. Our friendships and business relationships are authentic. While I have the highest expectations of success for Consensus into the future I won’t regret winning or failing with this team.”
Rex Galbraith | Chief Revenue Officer
Jeannie Laochaloenvanich
“Working with Consensus is an exceptional journey, where the company allows you to wear multiple hats and empowers you with the freedom to make decisions. A ‘typical day’ is never typical at Consensus because every day is filled with new learning opportunities. This is a great place with an environment that encourages curious people to develop and improve their skills.”
Jeannie Laochaloenvanich | Product Manager
Cody Hilliard
“Consensus has changed the way I think about work. The amazing leadership, great product, and my awesome peers have all helped me thrive and achieve my goals. The care for employee success and the support of work life balance, leave no doubt. Here, I know I am a valued member of the team.”
Cody Hilliard | SDR Team Lead
Katie McCurdy
“The work environment here is one the best I've seen. Knowing that it's okay to take some time off, that if you do your team has your back, is amazing. Also, knowing that your team leads have your back and truly believe in you. Leadership enables their team as best they can and then trusts them to provide the amazing results. So all in all, I think for me it comes down to the people. The people and the culture they've created here is just amazing.”
Katie McCurdy | Client Success Manager
Garrett Erickson
“I have never worked at an organization that takes its values more seriously than Consensus does. Our people have bought into a shared vision of where we want to be, and we do all it takes to get there. The collaboration, opportunities to own projects, and the care shown for the people who make things happen has given me an overwhelmingly positive experience as an employee. I know the impact I make here and am given the tools and freedom to do what is necessary to fulfill both my job expectations and my career aspirations.”
Garrett Erickson | Product Marketing Manager
Derek Hansen
“I love working at a place where I am empowered to do my best work and really make an impact. Consesus is made up of great people who show ownership and are driven to be their best. I really enjoy working with these teams to build and deliver software that helps make buying and selling easier.”
Derek Hansen | Senior Engineering Manager

Perks that Work

Your personal well-being matters to us. That is why we offer top-notch benefits so that you can continue to live your
best life, and be your best self at work.

Our Values

Our core values are important to us. They are important to us creating and maintaining the strong culture we have developed. We know that values shared by a group govern how they interact and work together, and how they make decisions. Values aren’t just words here, they are actions.

Bring Authentic | Consensus Values
Bring authentic

We bring our best selves to work by adding real value, expressing honest opinions, and listening respectfully.

Version it, yesterday | Consensus Values
Version it, yesterday

We journey towards perfection through incremental versions. We are light on process, move quickly, and experiment often.

Take the driver's seat | Consensus Values
Take the driver's seat

We enable our team members to lead and create a space where they can make their own decisions to accomplish objectives.

Total Ownership | Consensus Values
Total Ownership

We focus on outcomes and never defend actions, skill levels, models, systems, or relationships that hinder success.

Total War | Consensus Values
Total war

We take a multi-threaded approach to winning. We innovate and use every available resource to give us victory.

Sprint, Recharge, Repeat | Consensus Values
Sprint, recharge, repeat

We routinely sprint to get important tasks over the finish line, then recharge to maintain what matters most to us.

Show me the data | Consensus Values
Show me the data

We look for data points that reduce uncertainty and bring clarity. We pursue the truth, no matter how difficult it is.

No Peacemongering | Consensus Values
No peacemongering

We are willing to ask hard things of each other and don’t prioritize “good feelings” over successful outcomes.

Create Wins | Consensus Values
Create wins

We provide value in every interaction by consistently stringing together experiences, moments, and individual wins.

Teamify | Consensus Values

We collaborate, seek input, and listen sincerely to disagreement. We sacrifice ego for what truly works best.

Our Team

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