How Access used digital demos to help scale Presales while growing company revenue by over 20X


day rollout


stakeholders discovered in just 7 days


demo view rate

The Company

Access is the leading provider of business management software and solutions to mid-sized UK and Asia Pacific organisations. They help more than 47,000 customers across commercial and not-for-profit sectors become more productive and efficient.

The Challenge

In just under 8 years, Access revenues surged by over 20X. Customer demand for product education and technical reviews created a demo bottleneck that Sales and Presales had a hard time trying to fix.

They couldn’t add people fast enough, and they didn’t want to sacrifice customers’ access to Presales resources, even for smaller deals (there was a lot of growth potential for them downmarket).

The Solution

While they evaluated content delivery solutions, they ultimately selected Consensus because of the digital demo experience and stakeholder analytics (Demolytics), which they couldn’t find in other platforms.

In just 2 ½ days, they rolled Consensus out to 21 Presales reps and 250 AEs with a process for creating content that spanned high priority and low priority requests completed by Presales within established SLAs.

In just 7 days of launch, they had uncovered 371 net new stakeholders inside of existing deals and had a 37% demo view rate from customer recipients who had engaged with their demos a total of 19.8 hours.

"Consensus tracking and tracing are invaluable. There's not a product out there, yet, that does it in the same way. That ability to harvest stakeholders and to see engagement has definitely helped us focus on the deals that are likely to have some velocity."
Adam Freeman | Head of Presales, The Access Group

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