How AdvancedMD increased their lead-to-close rate by 44%


view rate


increase in lead-to-close rate


share rate

The Company

AdvancedMD is an all-in-one cloud suite that gives medical practices the ability to manage higher patient volumes with improved productivity and financial outcomes.

The Challenge

Selling to medical practices is inherently tough, but is made more difficult when you factor in an entire office of admins, managers, nurses and doctors, each with busy schedules and unique motivations, who have to come together in some fashion for any technology purchase.

Historically, they had struggled to move deals quickly because of inconsistencies in tracking and managing follow-up processes with each stakeholder, and personalizing materials to their needs.

They found reps struggled to get the right message to the right people at the right time, forcing them to have to repeat demos (sometimes to the same individuals), breaking momentum with their gatekeepers and extending buying cycle times.

The Solution

They launched Consensus across their rep population in under a week with the goal of unburdening office managers, their primary gatekeepers, with the responsibility of building the business case and winning over key stakeholders.

One of their reps reported, within the first week, “I sent the demo to the billing manager, who sent it to the doctor, who watched it, who sent it to two others in the office. Doctor loved what he saw. We then did a brief live demo two days later and closed the deal.”

From start to finish, the process on that one deal took just 5 days. They’ve since replicated that experience with multiple reps and have seen an average view time of 31%, with an astonishing share rate, from internal stakeholder to internal stakeholder, of 60%! The team’s effectiveness has also jumped significantly, with their lead-to-close rate reaching an average of 44%.

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