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Increasing efficiency and revenue by decreasing live presales interactions.

Company Information
Company size:
Presales team:
AE:SE Ratio:
Avg. Sales Cycle:
15 overview demos per week per SE
Implementation Timeline:
3 months


decrease in live demos


production gained
through automation


decrease in interactions
to close deals

60% of customers

see a Consensus demo before live interactions


revenue closed without live
SE engagement in nine months

The Challenge

Eliminating Overview Demos and Solving the Presales Bottleneck

As Unanet saw its revenue grow from $20M to $100M, they realized they needed to solve their presales bottleneck in order to sustain their growth goals. Unanet customers had difficulty getting time on the presales calendar, waiting up to two weeks to get a demo. Unanet felt they could provide a better buying experience.

Their sales engineering team was often unavailable for discovery and other meaningful live interactions because each SE was conducting roughly 15 overview demos (45 hours) per week, often with prospects who were not properly qualified or were totally unqualified for a live demo. In fact, nearly 70% of their team s overview demos were unqualified. This backlog of unqualified demos added time to the sales cycle as buyers waited to see their product before having deeper discussions.

Because of the complexity of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software the ramp time for new sales engineers was between one and three years, making it impossible to alleviate the bottleneck through hiring.

"Our calendars were overbooked to the point that new customers could not reach us. Because our products are complex and require a long SE ramp to execute a good demo, we needed to scale our team without hiring new SEs."
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Amy Allen
Vice President of Solutions Engineering | Unanet

The Solution

Extending Presales Reach through Demo Automation

Amy and her team attended DEMOFEST, the presales virtual conference hosted by Consensus, and noticed speakers cover a variety of topics that resonated with her team, especially how Consensus solved similar issues by scaling presales through demo automation.

A close partnership between AEs and SEs was crucial to successful implementation. The Unanet sales team likewise recognized that automating demos would extend their team s reach and grant them the ability to get prospects the product information they wanted at scale. In a joint effort, Unanet and Consensus created a plan that would both save sales engineers time and give sales insights they need to close deals faster.

Over a three month period, Amy’s team worked with their sales counterparts to ensure the demo library was set up and the tool was adopted following their sales kickoff. This included:

  • Authentic demos recorded by SE
  • Integrating their Salesforce instance with Consensus
  • Using Consensus as part of sales training to show reps how to share demo
  • Creating feedback channels in Slack and other tools to measure demo effectiveness
"Everybody loved DEMOFEST. The topics shone a light on what we were currently experiencing. It became clear to our entire team that we needed this tool."
A smiling woman in a black top indicating efficiency.
Amy Allen
Vice President of Solutions Engineering | Unanet

The Result

Giving SEs Time Back through Automation

In the nine months that Unanet has been actively using Consensus, they have seen their sales engineering team s capacity increase by reducing their live overview demos. By empowering sales to share demos on demand, they were able to eliminate more than 30% of their overview demos. The time savings and workload passed on through demo automation saved Unanet the equivalent of one full time sales engineer they would have had to hire, train, and ramp over the course of one to three years.

Additionally, the Unanet team experienced an improvement in the quality of live demos they did for prospects. Using Consensus as a gatekeeper for the SE team, Unanet was able to eliminate unqualified or repetitive demos by asking buyers to view an automated demo before they meet with a sales engineer. The 50 70% unqualified demo rate, depending on the product segment, was reduced to the point that now 60% of opportunities see a demo before they ever talk to an SE.

"We've replaced a lot of demos that would have been harbor tours with meaningful conversations where we do discovery and demonstrate how specific parts of our solution solve real pain points. It's been much more valuable to both our buyers and our SEs.”
A smiling woman in a black top indicating efficiency.
Amy Allen
Vice President of Solutions Engineering | Unanet

Shortening the Sales Cycle and Improving the Buying Experience

Intelligent demo automation had a transformative impact on how Unanet sells ERP software. Instead of calendar bottlenecks and waiting on presales availability, buyers are now able to see a demo the same day they request one. Sales reps use Consensus Demolytics to analyze what buyers are watching, who they share demos with internally, and how they can align sales pitches to answer specific questions. Sellers are also empowered to be more responsive by sending demos instantly using the Consensus SNAP Chrome extension where they can answer FAQs and demonstrate pieces of software that fit the context of their conversations. This has led to a 30% reduction in live interactions needed to close a deal by giving buyers assets they can share internally and revisit between meetings.

Because Unanet used Consensus best practices to establish a demo library with content for all their products and personas, their team has been able to close certain deals without any SE involvement. In the nine months since the team adopted Consensus, Unanet has closed more than $160,000 without a live call with an SE. Automating demos has empowered sales reps to give buyers the content they need to move deals down the funnel without having to constantly engage SEs for repetitive demos

"The ability to show a certain area of the product without having to get on another call has been a game changer. It's helpful to see tailored content from subject matter experts that fits into the flow of the conversation."
A smiling woman in a black top indicating efficiency.
Amy Allen
Vice President of Solutions Engineering | Unanet

Getting Everyone Involved in the Sales Process

Unanet has extended the reach of their executive team by using Consensus. Using the Consensus SNAP Chrome extension, executives share personalized, authentic videos on demand with customers and prospects to express gratitude for meetings and how they can work best together. Unanet has also allowed reseller partners to get involved using Consensus Channel Accelerator as a way to share demos and other assets that help them sell Unanet without sacrificing product narratives or brand messaging.

"Our executive team can stay involved in high leverage deals without having to be on every client call. They send a demo expressing their desire to work with the customer and make themselves as needed instead of trying to guess what each stakeholder wants on a call.”
A smiling woman in a black top indicating efficiency.
Amy Allen
Vice President of Solutions Engineering | Unanet

Key Takeaways

  • Enabling buyers through intelligent demo automation is a proven method for shortening the sales cycle
  • Eliminating unqualified demos empowers presales teams to fully realize their impact on an organization s revenue
  • You get the most out of your SEs when you empower them to focus on more than overview demos