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Alex Asmus
Senior Digital Presales Consultant, SAP Concur

November 12 @ 1 p.m. Mountain Time (US)


SAP Concur is an industry leader in cloud spend management solutions for over 25 years. Much of their long term success is derived from their ability to deliver to a massive landscape of SMB organizations across the world. Alex invites you to learn how SAP Concur has evolved it’s digital presales org by deploying an innovative “Best Run Demo” approach, and how Consensus Demolytics has supported this in driving customer engagement and increased sales velocity.

About Alex:

Alex is a Senior Digital Transformation Consultant at SAP Concur. With vast experience in presales and academic training in project management Alex has helped SAP Concur and their Progressive Selling Motion team evolve a digital sales strategy to be a core tenet of global distribution. Outside of work Alex hails from Minneapolis Minnesota and enjoys running, relaxing at the cabin, and spending time with his wife, 1 year old daughter, and 2 dogs.

About the Presenter

Alex Asmus Senior Digital Presales Consultant, SAP Concur

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