Clear, not Clever – How to Leave a Lasting Impression By Having People Understand You and Your Product

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In our B2B SaaS, technology-heavy world we overcomplicate things to the extreme. Even in that first sentence – acronyms. Then we add technical jargon, buzzwords, fancy diagrams and smooth animations.
We all believe our demos and presentation must be perfect and slick.
But when was the last time you saw a corporate slide deck and said “Wow, look at that smooth animation! I will remember this point for years to come…”

I thought so.

So how do we approach this differently?
The solution is simple: Be crystal clear. Be so clear that there is no way to misinterpret what you are saying. Ditch the fancy slides and put lines on a screen. Scary, huh? Well, let me guide you through it and try it out anyway.
Because we must – for our buyers and our prospects to be able to buy from us, we must stop confusing them.
Because a confused mind always says “no”.

In this session we will cover:
Why being clear is a superpower
Recognizing where we are being clever
Specific tools and methods to simplify complex ideas
What is the next step you should take

About the Presenter

Lidia Vasileva

Sales Engineer VMware

My greatest belief: all things complicated can and should be made approachable and simple to understand. Or better said:
“…the height of sophistication is simplicity” – Clare Boothe Luce, 1931
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When I am not fangirling about all things Solution Consulting, you can find me nerd-ing out on various topics. Those include but are not limited to tabletop and video games, roleplaying (Dungeons & Dragons), painting, fictional writing and any sort of crafting that I can fit in my office.