Driving Sales Excellence: The Winning Combination of PreSales and Buyer Enablement KPIs

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In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies must focus on optimising every stage of the revenue cycle to stay ahead of the game. That’s where PreSales and Buyer Enablement KPIs come in – they provide a roadmap for success that enables organisations to convert leads into customers more efficiently and effectively. In this talk, we will explore how the right PreSales and Buyer Enablement KPIs can help you improve your sales processes, increase revenue, and drive business growth. From identifying high-potential prospects to delivering personalised, value-driven interactions that convert them into loyal customers, we’ll explore how to leverage these KPIs to unlock your organisation’s full sales potential. Get ready to take your sales game to the next level with PreSales and Buyer Enablement KPIs!

About the Presenter

Adam Freeman

PreSales and Buyer Enablement leader The Access Group

Adam Freeman is the leader of an ultra-high-performance Presales team at The Access Group, one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. As a qualified accountant, Adam has reimagined PreSales KPI’s and processes to better align to modern SaaS software companies key outcomes and objectives. Adam also co-hosts the podcast “Two Presales in a Pod ” together with Don Carmichael.

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