EXPERT PANEL: The Presales/Sales Relationship

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In this panel we will explore the complex relationship between Presales and Sales, and how leaders and practitioners in both camps can manage expectations and use collaborative strategies to increase win rates and accelerate pipeline.

About the Presenter

Rob Beattie

Head of Sales Acceleration Modernizing Medicine

Rob is a visionary leader who defines goals, objectives and directions for the team based on a combination of experience, data and best practices.

He uses his management style, personality and skill set to work towards five goals each day:

1. Meet or exceed “The Number”
2. Enable Customer Excellence
3. Create an Elite Culture in which those on my team can achieve their personal goals and successes
4. Seek ways for my team to increase their effectiveness
5. Develop my staff and put them in position to take their careers to the next level

Rob’s success is demonstrated as his teams continuously exceed their targets and individuals he works with are rewarded financially as well as through promotion and expanded responsibilities.