Four Must-Have Moments in Every Successful Sales Demonstration

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We’ve all sat through or delivered software demonstrations that were absolutely brilliant. We’ve also sat through (and possibly delivered) demos that couldn’t end soon enough. The question is what makes one demo succeed and another fail? In this engaging, thought-provoking presentation, author Chris White shares what he believes to be Four MUST-HAVE Moments in every successful demo.

Known primarily for his Six Habits framework that defines what it means to be an effective sales engineer, Chris unveils for the first time his newest material on the ingredients that make up a winning sales demonstration.

About the Presenter

Chris White

Founder & CEO TechSalesAdvisors

Chris White is the author of the acclaimed “The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers”. Founder and CEO of Tech Sales Advisors and host of the LinkedIn Live program Tech Sales Advice (#techsalesadvice), Chris is no stranger to the presales community. A regular guest at industry events and three-time presenter at DemoFest, he speaks with infectious enthusiasm, shares unique insights, and leaves tangible steps on how to improve.

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