How a Consensus Sales Rep uses Demo Automation to Sell Consensus

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Taylor Jeffery
Account Executive, Consensus

November 11 @ 11 a.m. Mountain Time (US)


A good live software demo is adapted to be relevant to the potential customer’s interests and the amount of information they need at that stage of their evaluation. The same should be true for the resources you provide in-between meetings. In this presentation, you will learn practical use cases for deploying interactive demo recordings at all stages of your sales cycle from an active Sales user on the Consensus team..

About Taylor:

 Taylor Jeffery is an experienced Account Executive and graduate of Weber State University’s Professional Sales program. He has over 4 years collective experience at Consensus and takes pride providing the best buying experience for our new clients. When he’s not at work, Taylor enjoys spending time in the mountains with his wife and three sons near their rural Utah home.

About the Presenter

Account Executive, Consensus

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