How Horizontal Networks Foster Innovation

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Within our employers “four walls”, it is important to build relationships with those above you, below you, and to the side of you. These relationships not only help us to do our day to day jobs, they also help us with navigating internal politics.

While networking within your company is imperative, it may or may not move the needle forward in problem solving. Why not? Many times, cultures begin to become homogeneous in their thinking and approach to problem solving. Typically things like “this is how we’ve always done things” or “this is how we do it here” start to become the norm.

Speaking to others outside of our company can provide us a fresh perspective to problem solving. The idea of building a horizontal network with those who are in the same role but at different companies, can allow us to challenge our status quo and begin to approach situations differently.

In this session, James Kaikis will speak to the power of the network effect and how connecting horizontally will force us to approach ideation and innovate within our businesses differently.

About the Presenter

Co-Founder, Presales Collective