I’m a Sales Engineer, so don’t force me onto LinkedIn!

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Deal cycles aren’t linear anymore. Sales interactions happen via multiple channels and entry points. And social media is a vast opportunity to layer trust, familiarity, and contextual information. The bad news: sales engineers lag on social media. They don’t see a personal benefit, don’t enjoy the effort involved, or are anxious to display their knowledge. Even worse, they fear what colleagues would think and if the marketing department agrees. Potential customers have issues finding valuable content about a specific domain because sales engineers don’t offer it: No posts, no videos, podcasts, or anything more interesting than their latest demo training badge. But buyers crave more authentic information than a whitepaper or blog from the company’s marketing department. This talk is for SE leaders and practitioners, especially with more introverted personalities, because social media is helpful for them. And most importantly, the presentation will address “Why is this important for me as a Sales Engineer?”, provide actionable tips on how to start, what skills to gather and what tools to use.

About the Presenter

Patrick Pissang

CEO Sales Hero GmbH

Leading with a vision, sticking in the client’s mind like chewing gum. Patrick Pissang teaches Sales Engineers how to differentiate in the Sales Cycle not by a killer demo but by being themselves.

He is a trainer, author, and coach for Sales Engineers only.

With the Hero’s Journey of the Sales Engineer, his company Sales Hero offers an innovative training approach – based on pen&paper role play – for teams focussing on mindset, differentiation, and personal value.

Patrick published several books about Sales Engineering, including the praised creative non-fiction work: The Social Sales Engineer.

Patrick regularly contributes to the Sales Engineering community on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

Find him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickpissang/ and https://saleshero.training.