Interview your Interviewer to pick the best SE job

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In the world of sales engineering, if you want to join a company you would be passionate to go sell on behalf of don’t be shy to interview your interviewer. This session is designed for the top SEs who have their pick of offers from the current competitive job market and will help prospective candidates make the right decision based on the questions they can ask their future employers and the answers they need to look out for.

About the Presenter

Akshat Srivastava

Solutions Architecture Leader Amazon

Akshat Srivastava is a Solutions Architect Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading the finserv enterprise SA team and is based in New York City. Prior to AWS, Akshat has worked as a sales engineer at AppDynamics, Cisco and mParticle. Akshat has interviewed many candidates and hired top presales talent in his current role, and has interviewed and secured multiple offers in presales himself in the past. In July, 2018 Akshat realized the need for a dedicated community for pre-sales individuals and founded Sales Engineers of New York (SENY) which has become the largest SE network in the east coast today.