Navigating the Storm: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in Crisis

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Presales Practitioners, don’t let the economic crisis and layoffs bring you down! Join Patrick Pissang, Sales Engineer trainer and author of The Social Sales Engineer, as he shares timeless principles to help you stay ahead. This motivational and insightful session teaches how to take control and add value to prospects and your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and skills.

About the Presenter

Patrick Pissang

CEO Sales Hero GmbH

Leading with a vision, sticking in the client’s mind like chewing gum. Patrick Pissang teaches Sales Engineers how to differentiate in the Sales Cycle not by a killer demo but by being themselves.

He is a trainer, author, and coach for Sales Engineers only.

With the Hero’s Journey of the Sales Engineer, his company Sales Hero offers an innovative training approach – based on pen&paper role play – for teams focussing on mindset, differentiation, and personal value.

Patrick published several books about Sales Engineering, including the praised creative non-fiction work: The Social Sales Engineer.

Patrick regularly contributes to the Sales Engineering community on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

Find him at and

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