Negotiation And The Sales Engineer

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Wait! I’m an SE, I’m technical, I don’t negotiate. Salespeople negotiate over price, discounts, legal terms and who pays for lunch.
That’s not my job. Well, actually it is. SEs negotiate every day – you negotiate with your sales partners about strategy and priorities,
negotiate with customers about scope for a POC, negotiate on cross-functional teams, negotiate with your boss, and negotiate with your loved ones (especially if you have children) and with many others every single day. This mini session introduces you to a basic framework you can use as an engineer to negotiate and get what you want.

About the Presenter

John Care

Managing Director Managing Technical Sales

John Care is the author of the highly successful book, “Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer’s Handbook.” The book has been described as “the ultimate how-to manual for Presales engineers and their leaders,” and is now an integral part of new hire development at many technology companies. To date, over 35,000 students have been trained in his Professional Skills Curriculum.

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