Quotas Aren’t Evil

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A quota-based commission/bonus plan is the best compensation plan to incent PreSales professionals to become high performing trusted advisors.  We will discuss how quota-based models are more effective than activity-based or yearly bonus plans in making the SE a true co-pilot on a sales team and elevating status and recognition within your sales organization (without becoming a bag carrier!).

About the Presenter

Delia Parman

Presales Leader

With 20 years in PreSales, 10 as a PreSales leader, Delia has specialized in hiring and growing high performing teams.  With a tenure that spans startups to large global tech companies, she has been successful in elevating the Solution Consulting role across sales organizations and integrating strategic direction into PreSales programs.

Having just left the full time corporate world a few months ago, she remains a committed evangelist for the PreSales community.

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