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Reimagining Presales and Sales In A Dynamic And Disrupted World

Mary Shea

Global Innovation Evangelist, Outreach

Mary Shea DEMOFEST 2022 Speaker

The “heads down” generation has officially taken its seat at the B2B decision making table. A new buy side survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Outreach revealed that 93% Millennials make business purchase decisions with their own (55%) or a shared (35%) budget. The in-person meeting, once a staple in every seller’s arsenal, is now the third most preferred buyer interaction channel – after the virtual meeting and phone conversation. In addition to preferences for digital and remote channels, today’s buying process is more complicated and protracted. And yet, many selling organizations are still stuck using legacy technologies and antiquated tactics.

Drawing from recent buyside and sellside research, Mary’s session will cover the increasingly important roles sales technologies play in the successful execution of the sales strategy and how presales and sales professionals must tune their activities and behaviors to resonate with modern B2B buyers and buying groups.