The power of I don’t know

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Here’s a scenario we have all found ourselves in many times; we are asked something, and we don’t know the answer.  As the technical explainer of things there is pressure to feel like you need to have all the answers. If you don’t your credibility will be shot, and the deal will slow down or completely disappear. In this session we will cover why saying “I don’t know” can increase your credibility and provides the opportunity for another touch point in the sales cycle.

About the Presenter

John Hutchison

VP, Solutions Engineering Mastercard

John Hutchison is a Vice President, Solution Engineering focused on loyalty solutions within the Data and Services division of Mastercard. John joined Mastercard through the SessionM acquisition. Prior to joining SessionM, John worked at the SaaS loyalty provider CrowdTwist. Other experience includes working across a variety of SaaS providers for 20 plus years.

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