Wake Up! Time to Seek Higher Ground

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Trying to digest all the change in Presales over the past 2 years? You are not alone. For those that wonder when things will “go back to normal” that ship has sailed so digest fast and prepare for the future. The reality is Presales is not driving change nearly as much as Buyer behavior is changing. Presales has always been buyer/customer centric, so what are we doing to change the B2B sales process and how customers want to buy? There is a unique opportunity in front of us. In this session we’ll walk through a playbook to make buyer enablement as reality in your company and elevate your Presales organization.

About the Presenter

Todd Janzen

Global VP Q Branch Salesforce

Todd Janzen serves as the Global Vice President of Q Branch at Salesforce. In terms of sales, Q Branch is where sales teams come for deal closing stories, prototypes, visionary demos, jaw-dropping presentations, and videos. Over the past decade at Salesforce, he’s built Q Branch from a napkin idea into 10 unique teams and 180+ employees around the world. Todd is extremely passionate about the Sales Engineering profession and is an engineer to the core, both by education and profession. He loves working with diverse people, solving complex problems, and building things that scale. When not working you can find Todd with his wife and 3 kids soaking up the outdoors or hitting the trails on a mountain bike.