What Does the Perfect Presales Candidate Look Like? And What Do We Usually Get?

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Damian Hanna | Sr. Director, Presales Engineering, Citrix
Semir Jahic | Senior Manager, Sales Engineering & Operations EMEA, Clari
Rose Randall | Global Head of Solutions Engineering, Miro
Rob Dean | International Pre-Sales Director, Trintech

About the Presenters

Rose Randall

Global Head of Solutions Engineering Miro

Damian Hanna

Sr. Director, Presales Engineering Citrix

Damian Hanna leads the East Enterprise PreSales Organization as Sr. Director of PreSales Engineering with Citrix Systems and is also the current president of the North American Association of Sale Engineers (NAASE). Damian is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with over 24 years of technical software sales experience. His focus over the past 14 years has been in a leadership capacity, running large PreSales Engineering organizations in the Americas. Prior to this, he has held roles ranging from Integration consultant to Sales Engineer, at both the integrator and vendor levels, respectively. Damian has been fortunate enough throughout his career, to gain experience across all vertical industries.

Semir Jahic

CEO and co-founder of Salesmotion.io Salesmotion.io

Semir is the CEO and co-founder of Salesmotion.io, a go-to-market intelligence platform for ambitious revenue professionals. He successfully scaled Clari EMEA from a startup to a multi-million dollar venture, leading its growth strategy, operations and sales engineering function. Semir has deep expertise in sales and CRM technologies and advises various startups. His background includes roles at Accenture and Salesforce, and an academic journey at UCL, and studies in the US, and Switzerland.

Rob Dean

Head of Presales The Access Group

Rob Dean is currently EMEA Pre-Sales Director for Trintech Inc. Prior to this position, Rob has held a variety of Pre-Sales roles in the SaaS technology space from creating and developing the Pre-Sales function for a start-up, to leading teams of high-performing SC’s. He also spent over 15 years in various sales positions including Director of Sales, EMEA for Gartner. Rob is passionate about driving excellence in Pre-Sales, using new technologies that support the profession and holds an MSc in Management of Business IT