What Most SEs Get Wrong: Top Coaching Tips to Improve Your Next Demo

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Want to know where most demos fall short?

Presales Mastery reviews and coaches hundreds of demos a year, providing multiple types of feedback, including scoring every demo against our 103 metric Demo Best Practices Scorecard.

We analyzed the data from over 300 demos, and have identified the demo best practices that consistently get the lowest marks, uncovering where the majority of technical sellers can improve the most.

In this session, we reveal the top 7 approaches you can put into your demo toolbox to instantly improve your delivery. Don’t worry about complicated frameworks or theories – this session is all about providing key tactical tweaks that you can use in your next demo to win more business.

About the Presenter

Kerry Sokalsky

President & Founder Presales Mastery

Kerry Sokalsky is the Founder and President of Presales Mastery, helping B2B software sellers win more deals with personalized 1-on-1 demo call coaching. Using an online coaching platform, we coach recorded prospect demos to provide feedback on real-world performance, leveraging our proprietary 103-metric demo performance best practices framework. Our long-term coaching reinforces key learning concepts to convert them to sellers’ sales muscle memory, and focuses on individuals’ unique skill gaps that often aren’t addressed in group training. Kerry has over 18 years of global presales and sales enablement leadership experience at both dynamic software startups and Fortune 50 firms. An accomplished demo coach, he brings his clients both first-hand demo experience, having delivered over 1,000 custom enterprise demos over his career, along with a wide breadth of perspectives from working with dozens of presales organizations across the globe. Kerry is also the Founder of SETO, the Toronto-chapter of SE Nation, and co-author, with Chris White, of the Presales Buyer’s Guide.

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