A Seat at the Table; How Presales Achieves a Strategic Voice, with Todd Janzen

Radical shifts in go-to-market strategy are dominating leadership conversations (for some reason). But as executives hash out budgets, tooling, and training for sales organizations, presales is rarely included, despite a near-constant resource crunch that is straining SEs and timelines alike.

How can presales achieve the strategic inclusion so essential to mid- and long-term success?

Salesforce global VP and presales leader Todd Janzen has a prescription that brings value around the entire deal cycle, boosting visibility for all the right reasons, with results that smash “squeaky wheel” tactics.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how presales can drive value through:

– Innovation; real innovation will not happen within sales. SE leaders need to take the initiative
– Prospecting; building buying group visibility
– Scorecards; presales provides a binary assessment based on buyer behavior that gives sales VPs a gut check on “happy ears”
– SpecOps teams built around Value, Video, Communication Design, and other topics that add value in all parts of the sales cycle

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