Accelerating Adoption of Digital Presales Tools

You’ve worked hard. You evaluated partners and found the right tool to scale presales and give your sales engineers more time. You may have even gone through an implementation process to get your team and their sales counterparts using your selected solution. Now it’s time to drive that adoption!

Sheila Rue from Infor joins us to talk about strategies and key initiatives you can lead in your organization to accelerate the adoption of digital presales tools to maximize not only your ROI, but your team’s impact on revenue. 

Strategies include:

  • Ideal group size
  • Right metrics for sales leaders, sales reps, and inside sales
  • Enablement follow up plan 
  • Content strategy
  • Coaching

About the Presenter

Sheila Rue

Sheila Rue is the leader of the Early Talent team for Solution Consulting and responsible for the global Digital Demo library content. She gets most excited when uncovering challenges and working toward a collaborative resolution by involving stakeholders from various constituent groups where win-win outcomes are the goal. She partners across the organization to ensure the digital demo library is high quality, easily accessible and empowers our teams to create a positive experience for our clients. She is always working toward new and better ways to illustrate value and sustained mutual benefit for our clients, both internal and external.

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