Adding Presales Content to Outreach: How adding interactive demos can improve your Sequences and increase customer engagement

As presales extends its influence into other areas of revenue generation (sales, customer success, marketing, and channel) scaling presales has become an essential part of how a company generates revenue. For most companies, scaling requires acquiring some sort of presales tool. But how do your digital presales tools fit into your sales team’s workflow? 

We asked a panel of industry experts to come together and discuss how companies can incorporate intelligent demo automation and other digital presales tools into their sales outreach. Join us for an open discussion on how sales reps can instantly add authentic, presales-created content to their sales outreach in tools like Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke make up our panel in “Adding Presales Content to Outreach: How adding interactive demos can improve your Sequences and increase customer engagement.”

In this Webinar discusses the importance of adding presales content to outreach. The speakers, Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke, emphasize the value of presales content in the buying journey of B2B customers, how it can better qualify leads, and the demand for high-value pre-sales interactions. The use of digital demos alongside outreach workflows and best practices for adding demos are also discussed. The speakers stress the importance of segmentation, consensus, and customization of demos for specific stages and personas. Automation and its benefits for businesses are also highlighted. Strategies for embedding demos into outreach sequences and the importance of mapping out the demo strategy are also discussed.


  • 00:00:00 Aaron Janmohamed welcomes participants to the Scaling PreSales Webinar Series and introduces the topic of adding presales content to outreach, specifically how interactive demos can improve sequences and increase customer engagement. The panel consists of experts from various fields, including implementation, Consensus, inside sales, and business development management. Janmohamed mentions the upcoming third annual DEMOFEST and how it will feature live sessions with thought leaders, as well as how adding presales content can better qualify prospects for sales calls. Janmohamed also provides some research and data points on the demand for presales and its impact on sales teams.
  • 00:05:00 Aaron Janmohamed discusses the demand for presales content in the buying journey of B2B customers. According to Janmohamed, buyers spend very little time in direct contact with vendors during their buying cycle. They are busy building the business case, doing the research, involving stakeholders, and convincing people to make changes. This is where presales content comes in as being unbiased, credible, and authentic, and therefore, the most valuable interaction buyers have with vendors. Buyers expect different experiences now and want high-value presales interactions, starting from the early stages of the customer life cycle. The addition of presales content to inbound and outbound sequences and templates better qualifies leads by providing high-value interactions that buyers demand.
  • 00:10:00 Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke discuss the importance of making assets and resources, such as discovery and FAQs, available to potential customers early on and even after they become customers. They also mention how a lot of buyers are looking for answers right away and how waiting a week or longer for a product demo can be damaging to the sales process. The discussion then focuses on best practices for adding digital demos, such as segmenting who you are talking to and what matters to them. The speakers agree that traditional sales techniques that slow down the process and are not buyer-centric are no longer effective.
  • 00:15:00 Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke discuss the power of Consensus in creating deeply relevant and valuable content for specific buyers at scale, while still representing the enterprise and protecting governance. They stress the importance of segmentation as a best practice and having human conversations with potential customers to cut through cold initial contact. Adding digital demos alongside outreach workflows can also be highly beneficial, as it contextualizes the product and helps engage buyers. The speakers highlight the use of engagement tracking and sentiment analysis in outreach and pre-sales content to gain visibility and resonate with the audience.
  • 00:20:00 Aaron Janmohamed discusses the six different types of demos that can be delivered throughout the customer journey. These demos can be broken down by role, phase in the customer journey, area in the company, and can be automated. By creating interactive, personalized, and digital experiences that cater to buyers’ different needs at different stages, companies can accelerate deals, get to revenue faster, and improve the effectiveness of both their sales and presales organizations. Janmohamed that these demos should be diversified and customized for specific stages and personas rather than created as a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • 00:25:00 Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke discuss the resistance to automation and how it is short-sighted to fear it. While change management is important, there are many jobs that don’t need to be done or require the human touch. By automating repetitive tasks, such as demos and presales content, businesses can apply their resources in the best way possible. Additionally, by offering presales content online, companies can make it easier for customers to make decisions with confidence throughout the course of their buying journey. It’s not just about being more productive, it’s about doing more of the right things.
  • 00:30:00 Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke discuss the importance of adding presales content to outreach. They emphasize the role of a pre-sales rep as a buyer coach, helping customers through their buying journey. They suggest that presales teams should offer supporting materials as resources throughout the course of a technical sales journey to make the case internally a little bit easier. The panel also mentions how sellers are drowning in content, and they need to equip them with the right content to the right buyers and personas to make it easier for them. They also suggest possible ways to embed demos into outreach for different types of sequences.
  • 00:35:00 Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke suggest a neat business development play to add pre-sales content to outreach sequences. This involves creating short video snippets that take the customer through a product value journey relevant to those earlier in the buying and evaluation cycle. Based on engagement, this can then trigger a follow-up sequence of emails and phone calls. The speaker recommends pairing the sequence successes with consumption analytics, which gives insights into new stakeholders, the demo’s content, and their interests. This ensures that when a live call is made, the salesperson is well-informed about what matters most, resulting in a higher success rate. Additionally, it is suggested to create relevant, value-giving follow-up touches, a flow, or at least trigger alerts using automation to keep engagement high.
  • 00:40:00 Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke emphasize the importance of mapping out the demo strategy and deciding which demos can be automated and turned into digital assets to be incorporated into outreach. They provide an example of how they include an automated demo video that covers all security-related concerns when contacting customers, which eliminates the need for follow-up discussions and accelerates deals. The speaker notes that on average, their customers see a 30-50% reduction in sales cycle time just by taking care of this one motion. However, the speakers also stress the importance of considering how these changes will affect the day-to-day workflow of the pre-sales team and ensuring that everyone feels confident in the approach to increase adoption and avoid unintentional sabotage.
  • 00:45:00 This excerpt is the conclusion of the webinar about adding presales content to outreach. Aaron Janmohamed thanks the panelists for participating in the discussion, invites viewers to fill out a survey to learn more about the integration between two platforms, and bids farewell. 

About the Presenters

Aaron Janmohamed

I started out in enterprise sales and had a great run for a little over 10 years. But I was always interested in brand strategy, messaging and positioning. At one point near the end of my sales run, while still carrying a quota, I took on some marketing projects and eventually owned the product marketing function. And I loved it! I’ve always gotten myself engaged in building strategic narratives, generating demand and strengthening brands. I just do it at scale now for high-growth SaaS.

Ken Amar

Ken Amar is an experienced sales leader and practitioner who has extensive experience using acceleration software to drive revenue and shorten the sales cycle. As a Sr. Manager over Sales Development at Outreach, he helps high performing teams connect with customers and increase sales by developing perfect sequences and using analytics to enhance the buying experience.

TJ Macke

Driven to find creative solutions for scaling companies and innovative products. Different is good, but proven is better. Always working to improve on the ideas that keep others awake at night. I also like lemon soda.

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