Adding Presales Content to Outreach: How adding interactive demos can improve your Sequences and increase customer engagement

As presales extends its influence into other areas of revenue generation (sales, customer success, marketing, and channel) scaling presales has become an essential part of how a company generates revenue. For most companies, scaling requires acquiring some sort of presales tool. But how do your digital presales tools fit into your sales team’s workflow? 

We asked a panel of industry experts to come together and discuss how companies can incorporate intelligent demo automation and other digital presales tools into their sales outreach. Join us for an open discussion on how sales reps can instantly add authentic, presales-created content to their sales outreach in tools like Aaron Janmohamed, Ken Amar, and TJ Macke make up our panel in “Adding Presales Content to Outreach: How adding interactive demos can improve your Sequences and increase customer engagement.”

About the Presenters

Aaron Janmohamed

I started out in enterprise sales and had a great run for a little over 10 years. But I was always interested in brand strategy, messaging and positioning. At one point near the end of my sales run, while still carrying a quota, I took on some marketing projects and eventually owned the product marketing function. And I loved it! I’ve always gotten myself engaged in building strategic narratives, generating demand and strengthening brands. I just do it at scale now for high-growth SaaS.

Ken Amar

Ken Amar is an experienced sales leader and practitioner who has extensive experience using acceleration software to drive revenue and shorten the sales cycle. As a Sr. Manager over Sales Development at Outreach, he helps high performing teams connect with customers and increase sales by developing perfect sequences and using analytics to enhance the buying experience.

TJ Macke

Driven to find creative solutions for scaling companies and innovative products. Different is good, but proven is better. Always working to improve on the ideas that keep others awake at night. I also like lemon soda.

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